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Residential and commercial property investments

Kanebridge Property Funds Management (KPFM) is a boutique property funds management group that specialises in property development across both the residential and commercial sectors in Sydney.

Our objective is to deliver superior returns to investors through investments in carefully chosen property development projects.

As part of the Kanebridge Group, with more than 11 years construction and property development experience in the Western Sydney region, KPFM draws on an established network of industry organisations and construction professionals.

KPFM’s management team also includes Loulach Steel Group, a highly regarded part of Western Sydney’s construction and development sector for more than 35 years.

With our diverse expertise and proven management skills, KPFM can source, analyse and develop a project across the entire development lifecycle – focusing on the most profitable development opportunities to create above average returns, while minimising costs by leveraging the skills and expertise of the management team.

Why invest with KPFM?

When you invest with KPFM, you’ll get access to experienced property development professionals with a strong track record of successfully identifying strategic property development site opportunities.

We combine contemporary construction methods, stringent cost containment processes and innovative development strategies to optimise a site’s value and the subsequent investment returns.

Our simple corporate structure also provides an opportunity to benefit from a leveraged Property Development Syndicate. You’ll have direct exposure to large-scale property developments of a quality typically restricted to large development and construction organisations.